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Brainstorming Tips and Techniques

Brainstorming is a powerful creative technique that can help individuals and teams generate innovative ideas, solve problems, and make informed […]
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To Solve A Problem, Change Your Perspective

How you frame a problem will influence how you solve it. A different perspective will lead you to different solutions. […]
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The Problem Creates Your Opportunity

Starting a business is difficult — and scaling it even more so — so you must be dedicated. The first […]
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Making Creativity Predictable

We may never know exactly where creativity comes from, but you can create the conditions that invite it. Consider the problem you’re trying to solve — and then walk away from it. Letting the problem marinate gives your brain a chance to draw conn…

The Goal Of Business Is To Go Out Of Business

If the headline of this article seems strange to you, you’re not alone. Most business people spend their time trying to make sure they don’t go out of business. The difference is the reason for going out of business. You don’t want to…

The Solution to a Tough Problem Isn’t to Overthink It

We all like to consider ourselves smart, but raw intelligence isn’t everything. When we get stuck on a problem, sometimes it’s because we’re overthinking it. Pay attention to when focused thinking isn’t getting you anywhere; perhaps it has turned into …

In Times Of Trouble Be A Buffalo

by Eric Lopkin In the book “Take The Stairs” author Rory Vaden talks about the difference between cows and buffalo when a storm hits. Cows instinctively run from a storm. When the storm overtakes them, they continue to run in the same direc…

Own Up to Your Mistake And Address The Problem

Recently, Apple had a problem when it was discovered that they slowed down older phones. The problem wasn’t that they were slowing them, there was a legitimate reason for doing so. The problem was that they didn’t explain why clearly enough…