To Change Bad Habits You Must Be Aware Of Them

Changing a habit doesn’t have to take long, but it’s hard. Really hard. But when it comes to counterproductive habits […]
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Know How Your Customer Operates

It’s very common for business owners to say “everyone can use us.” In reality, not everyone will use your business. […]
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Always Ask Why

In our coaching sessions, we find that people are reluctant to ask why. Poor managers take the question as a challenge to their authority. Good managers know that why clarifies goals and streamlines operations. Asking why is about determining the reaso…

In Hectic Times, Use Habits To Stay Grounded

When your life is disrupted by a big life event — a job change, a baby, a relative’s illness — how do you maintain your focus and well-being? Add some stability to an unstable time by making sure you have habits that align with your long-term goals. Ha…

What Successful People Did Is What You Can Emulate

There are hundreds of books and articles where successful people talk about their habits. The idea is that if you follow those habits then you too can be successful. The problem is most of these focus on what these people are doing today. Many of these…

Trick Yourself into Changing Bad Habits

Every one of us has a career-limiting bad habit. Whether it’s weak interpersonal skills, a tendency to procrastinate, or good-but-not-great technical prowess, one of the biggest impediments to our upward mobility is a habit we can’t get rid of. But a f…