The Art And Science Of Business

Successful entrepreneurs understand that business is part art and part science. The best businesses use creativity, analysis, intuition, data, innovation, […]
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Do You Have A Business Or Do You Own A Job?

The majority of business people start their business because they like doing their job. Designers start design firms because they […]
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Ask Yourself Two Questions To Help Prioritize Your Work

If you work for a hands-off manager who doesn’t give you a ton of guidance, it falls on you to set priorities for your work. You can focus on the right things by asking yourself two questions: “What is my highest contribution?” Consider the organizatio…

Prioritize the Business Relationships That Matter Most

With success comes many things — including a much larger business network. How can you possibly keep in contact with everyone, let alone respond to their requests? Apply Pareto’s 80/20 rule: Think about your most important relationships, and then highl…

Two Things To Do Before Running A Business Experiment

Experiments are a great way to test your assumptions and make smart decisions, whether you’re launching a product or optimizing a marketing campaign. But without a thoughtful plan of execution, you may not learn anything truly useful. Before you invest…

Your Favorite Holiday Tradition

Think about your favorite holiday traditions. Whether it has to do with gift giving or what you have for dinner or who you spend the holidays with, that tradition evokes an emotional response. It brings up memories of past holidays and good feelings in…