Success Is Your Responsibility

What is the difference between successful people and people who don’t succeed? Successful people take responsibility for their actions. They […]
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When You Can’t Hit Unsend

Most people have made the mistake of hitting “reply all” on a private email or sending an insensitive message to the wrong person. After the panic sets in, you need to own the mistake. Approach the offended colleague quickly and apologize: “I’m sorry I…

Fiduciary Responsibility Isn’t Just For Finance

By law financial advisors are required to act with fiduciary responsibility. This means they are required to put the client’s best interests before there own. This is a concept that isn’t just for financial advisors, it should be applied in…

Own Up to Your Mistake And Address The Problem

Recently, Apple had a problem when it was discovered that they slowed down older phones. The problem wasn’t that they were slowing them, there was a legitimate reason for doing so. The problem was that they didn’t explain why clearly enough…