The Art Of Decision Making: How To Make Better Choices

Life is a series of decisions, big and small. From choosing what to have for breakfast to making career-altering choices, […]
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Decision Making Requires Facts

It happens very often. Something goes wrong with a project. The results that were expected don’t come in. Still, a […]
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Decision Making Shouldn’t Be Overthought

Thoughtful deliberation is an essential leadership quality that can help you in the decision making process and produce better outcomes. […]
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Should That Item Really Be On Your To-Do List?

Not every project or task you take on requires your immediate attention. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, ask yourself a few questions to help you prioritize your to-do list. Why is this task necessary? If there’s no clear answer, it’s probably not urgen…

Don’t Let Uncertainty Paralyze Your Decision-Making

When you’re living in a period of heightened uncertainty, your normal decision-making processes can break down. Some people become paralyzed and afraid to act, while others make quick decisions based on emotions or bias rather than facts. You can make …

Ask 3 Questions Before Taking On A New Project

Being proactive is generally a good thing, but if your initiative isn’t channeled in the right way, you can squander resources and even damage your reputation. That’s why it’s important to think carefully before taking on a project. Ask yourself three …

Stop Second-Guessing Your Decisions

Do you find yourself revisiting every decision you make, agonizing over whether it really was the right one? While everyone has doubts, second-guessing yourself too often can affect your leadership— and the perception of your leadership among other peo…

Set A Timer When Making A Tough Decision

We spend a lot of time and energy each day making choices — some minor, and some serious. But it’s possible to handle decisions of all kinds more efficiently. One strategy is to use a timer for the most difficult and unpredictable decisions. Some …

When To Stop Deliberating And Make A Decision

Waiting too long to make decisions can slow down companies, frustrate employees, and lead to missed opportunities. But it can be hard to know whether you should just go ahead and choose or gather more data first. In these situations, consider two facto…