Empower Business Connection runs networking events to bring business people together to build relationships, enhance business, connect with resources and trade referrals.

Events run by the Empower Business Connection for our members and our partner organizations include speed networking, workshops, mastermind groups, open networking, structured networking. and specialized networking groups.

Speed Networking

Participants have a few minutes to talk with each other, introduce themselves and answer preplanned questions before moving on to the next participant.


Workshops include topics such as how to use social media, time management, goal setting, and more.

Mastermind Groups

Mastermind groups are peer-led groups that discuss the challenges that its members are facing and work as an advisory board to overcome them. Group members support each other in building and growing each others businesses and careers.

Open Networking

Open networking are general events like “business after hours” where people gather, introduce themselves, and have casual conversation.

Structured Networking

Structured networking events feature a format to encourage interactions. They may include open networking sessions in addition to the structure, which generally includes 30-second “commercials” from each participant, discussion topics or speakers, and testimonials and announcements of needs.

Specialized Networking

Specialized networking groups are networking groups that are tailored for a specific audience or purpose. These can include groups for business owners only or “book club” groups where members meet to discuss specific topics.