Decision Making Requires Facts

It happens very often. Something goes wrong with a project. The results that were expected don’t come in. Still, a […]
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Make Better Decisions

Many people rely on gut instinct to make important decisions. While there are benefits to trusting your gut, you make […]
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Don’t Leave Out Facts To Make Your Point

At a recent event, the host wanted to make the point that businesses need to help solve the world’s problems. […]
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Information Needs Context

In today’s world, everything depends on information. Metrics are crucial understand how you are progressing. The truth is that information […]
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Common Knowledge Isn’t Necessarily Correct

Mark Twain was said, “What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” There are numerous “facts” circulating that just aren’t true. Basing a decision on these fact…

Follow The Facts

It happens all the time. A project goes off the rails. The projected results fail to come in. Yet a business continues to pour good money after bad to keep it going because management believes in the project. While belief is a wonderful thing, you need…

Why Your Data May Be Useless

With so many companies focusing on analytics there is more data out there than ever before. Before you rely on it, however, you need to make sure you have one more item: context. Without the proper context, data can be manipulated to prove almost anyth…

Don’t Let Causes Outweigh Your Data

It’s great for your company to support a cause, but you shouldn’t let that determine your products. Your products need to be driven by customer demand, not causes.  Case in point: female empowerment. For many years women complained that there weren’t e…

The Problem With Surveys

Surveys are a valuable tool for getting feedback. There are some big drawbacks, however, for you to consider before acting on the results of a survey. Survey respondents may not be giving you the whole truth. This was illustrated recently when a survey…

Know Your Data Source

There has been a lot of talk lately about data. Who is collecting it and how it is used have been discussed quite often. What hasn’t been discussed is if the data is accurate. Beyond showing an ad for something you looked at, how accurate is the …