Running With The Mind Of Meditation by Sakyong Mipham

Running With The Mind Of Meditation

By fusing the mental discipline of meditation with the physical action of running, Sakyong Mipham’s “Running with the Mind of Meditation” offers a fresh perspective on the relationship between mindfulness and running. A Tibetan Buddhist teacher and elite runner, Sakyong Mipham, offers a comprehensive strategy that combines the two for maximum health.

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The similarities between running and meditation are first discussed in the book, with an emphasis on how the three disciplines have an emphasis on the synchronization of breath, body, and mind. According to Sakyong Mipham, running is a great way to practice mindfulness and presence while getting some exercise.

Using stories from his own running journey and insights from old Buddhist teachings, the author shows how running may change one’s perspective throughout the book. While running, he says, “Maitri,” which means loving-kindness, and he encourages runners to be compassionate toward themselves and others.

“Running with the Mind of Meditation” is written with runners of all abilities in mind, so it’s not only a book for elite athletes. By providing tactics like concentrating on the breath, keeping awareness of the body, and building mental resilience, Sakyong Mipham offers practical suggestions on how to incorporate mindfulness into running practices.

In addition, the book delves into the concept that running can serve as a contemplative practice, leading to introspection and a better understanding of oneself. It is Sakyong Mipham’s firm belief that a life well-lived may be achieved via the practice of both running and meditation.

“Running with the Mind of Meditation” offers a new take on how exercise and meditation might benefit one’s mental and emotional health. This book is perfect for runners and anyone interested in the transforming potential of meditation because it takes a thoughtful approach to running, encouraging readers to see each step as a chance for self-awareness and inner serenity.