Don’t Leave Out Facts To Make Your Point

At a recent event, the host wanted to make the point that businesses need to help solve the world’s problems. […]
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The Problem With Studies

There are a number of business books which talk about how you should sell, what you do to grow, how you should run your business, etc. Many of these are from academics and the work is based on studies that they have conducted. Unfortunately, despite th…

How Much Do You Know About Your Prospects

It’s a rare day when a business owner doesn’t get a sales call or solicitation email. The vast majority of these are generic cold calls or cold emails. Some may have your name in them but most don’t even have that. Some make it abunda…

The Problem With Academic Business Research

Business schools have released research papers about business trends since they opened their doors. Once upon time, when business classes were taught by business people, they may have been useful and relevant. Unfortunately those days are long gone. Wh…