Marketing And Sales Are Not The Same

Despite the fact that every business depends on marketing, most still don’t understand that marketing is not sales. Sales is […]
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Details Matter

I was watching a woman on YouTube discuss cooking in an air fryer.  When she pulled the food out, it […]
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Is Your Business Mask Worthy?

In an episode of “Seinfeld” Elaine found out that her favorite contraceptive had been discontinued. Needing to stretch her supply she evaluated every man she met to see if he was “sponge worthy.” In today’s world, people a…

Who Do You Want Your Customers To Be?

Who you want your customers to be is different from who do you want as your customer. Who you want your customers to be is about evolving your existing customer, and its a question you need to ask to spur innovation and make your existing customers mor…

When Creating An Experience The Details Matter

Whether you are trying to get people to come into a retail location or selling educational programs online, creating an experience is crucial to building your success. When you create an experience all the details matter. When you use fewer sensory inp…

Tech Only Matters If It Affects The Customer

A few years ago I attended an event in which most of the attendees were programmers. As everyone introduced themselves they talked about what programming language they used and why it was the best. When it came to my turn I told them something none of …

Learn More From Your Experiences By Keeping a Journal

When you’re always rushing to do, do, do, it can be tough to find the time to reflect on and learn from your experiences. In the moment, your brain records what takes place, but it determines what’s important for long-term retention later, during perio…