Businetiks Basics: Innovation

The Modern Observer Group programs are based on the Businetiks system. Businetiks consists of seven basic elements for success. They […]
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Drive Innovation The Right Way

Innovation is driven by constraints — limitations that force people to rethink a problem and come up with new ways […]
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An MBA Isn’t Worth What You Think It Is

Millions of dollars in student debt has been created by people seeking an MBA degree. Business have paid out millions of dollars in salary and bonuses to people with MBAs. Schools churn out MBA graduates and make a fortune by convincing students that t…

Developing Ideas Requires More than A Presentation

We often think a one-way presentation during meetings is the best way to share ideas. But presentations are really meant to inform or persuade an audience. If you’re looking to develop, build upon, and get consensus on an idea, you need to facili…

Break Out of Your Standard Patterns of Thinking

Apple popularized the phrase “Think Different” in it’s ad campaigns. Great innovators see the world differently. They look beyond what’s obvious and expected, and seek out novel solutions to problems. You can push yourself to be more …

Keep Things Fresh By Creating A “New” Day

We all have things that we have to do on a regular basis. We do them over and over and risk falling into a rut. It’s just as easy to fall into a comfort zone and stay there. Whether you’re in a rut or staying in your comfort zone, you need …

Has The “Extra Mile” Gotten Shorter?

When The Modern Observer Group launched a new newsletter a mistake was made. The e-mail system sent the newsletter template out while it was being set up. So a portion of our list received a half done newsletter two weeks before it was supposed to laun…