Brainstorming Tips and Techniques

Brainstorming is a powerful creative technique that can help individuals and teams generate innovative ideas, solve problems, and make informed […]
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An Innovator Does These Three Things

Most people find it difficult to do what an innovator does best: link the disconnected. Here are three strategies for […]
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Developing Ideas Requires More than A Presentation

We often think a one-way presentation during meetings is the best way to share ideas. But presentations are really meant to inform or persuade an audience. If you’re looking to develop, build upon, and get consensus on an idea, you need to facili…

To Come Up with New Ideas, Get Out of the Office

Every leader needs to come up with ideas that will separate their companies from the crowd. And to do things that your competitors don’t, you need to see things that other people miss. Find ways to expose yourself to new ways of thinking. For example, …

Look Outside Your Field

There is an old quote that has been attributed to numerous sources, “Good Artists Copy; Great Artists Steal.” When it comes to innovating, one of the best ways to develop innovations is to steal from other industries. What is standard, and …