Businetiks Basics: Innovation

The Modern Observer Group programs are based on the Businetiks system. Businetiks consists of seven basic elements for success. They […]
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Boost Your Creativity By Getting Out Of Your Own Way

BUsiness moves quickly and there are time you need to harness innovation and creativity. That is difficult when emotions like […]
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Spark Your Own Creativity

When our daily routines are geared toward barreling through a to-do list, it can be hard to set the right conditions for creativity. Fortunately, there is a time-tested approach — that’s also quite simple — for generating creative ideas. Gather raw mat…

Making Creativity Predictable

We may never know exactly where creativity comes from, but you can create the conditions that invite it. Consider the problem you’re trying to solve — and then walk away from it. Letting the problem marinate gives your brain a chance to draw conn…

Stress Doesn’t Have to Short-Circuit Your Creativity

When you’re stressed out, it’s hard to decide what to eat for dinner, let alone get work done. How can you produce ideas when you’re feeling this way? First, take a breath and relax. Trying to force yourself to be creative will only lead to more frustr…

Give People Time and Space to Be More Creative

Creativity takes time, requiring people to struggle down several blind alleys before finding the right solution. That’s why a lot of creative activity may look suspiciously like loafing around until a breakthrough happens. But if an organization truly …