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Pursue a Passion Outside of Work

We are often told to pursue work we’re passionate about, but for many people, this simply isn’t feasible. In Mad […]
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Coaching an Employee to Solve Problems in New Ways

Sometimes an employee gets stuck while solving a problem. They try once and, when they fail, either give up or try again with the same method. You can help a direct report expand their tool set and consider new approaches with coaching. Start off by as…

It’s Not About Being Liked

There have been a number of studies in gender diversity showing that when people to something generally considered to be normal for the opposite gender, they are found to be less likable. This has been cited as something that has to be overcome in the …

Take The Sale

Business people talk about upsetting. It’s a tried and true technique to get customers to buy more, usually higher-margin items or services. The reason it works so well is that you are selling to someone who already knows and likes your product o…