Colin Powell: 13 Rules of Leadership

This week we mourn the passing of former Secretary of State General Colin Powell. He served the country through multiple […]
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If You Can’t Name Your Company, You’re In The Wrong Business

Often I meet someone at a networking event who tells me they are a consultant. I follow up by asking what kind of consultant. They will toss around all kinds of buzzwords. They won’t say what company they work for. They are vague about what they …

If You’re One In A Million There Are 1,000 Like You In China

We all want to think there is no one else like us. In business there is always someone else that does what were do. What we need to do is figure out how to stand out from the crowd. What sets you apart from everyone else? The key standing out is being …

The Importance Of Authenticity In Networking

It seems like the right approach to networking: Figure out what the person you’re connecting with wants to hear, and then work to impress them. But tactics like self-promotion and ingratiation can backfire. Research shows there are two reasons why: Try…