Networking For Introverts

When you meet new individuals, do you find it awkward to start a conversation? Do you detest entering a big […]
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Everyone Needs a Network

If you pride yourself on being self-sufficient, you may have assumed that you don’t need a network. But even if you’ve achieved your current success on the strength of solo (or near-solo) efforts, making meaningful connections with people in your field…

Who Are You Giving A Referral For?

Businesses thrive on referrals. There are organizations that exist for sole purpose of having businesses trade referrals. Before you give another referral, think about who you are giving the referral for. In every referral there are three parties: you,…

Build Relationships Around What You Care About

When business people network, they tend to look for people with complimentary jobs or people in their target markets. While this is a good short-term way to connect with people, if you want to build lasting relationships you should connect around topic…