A Coach Can Help Everyone

CNBC published an editorial detailing five services that everyone should use. The reasoning is that the value of these services […]
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Never Waste A Crisis

There’s an old saying in politics, “Never waste a crisis.” In politics it means that if you can frame your priorities so that it seems they can help in a crisis, you can get them done. In business you can use a crisis to focus, to piv…

Good Artists Copy. Great Artists Steal.

The phrase used as our headline is an old adage. It is not meant as encouragement to plagiarize. Rather it is an acknowledgement that no artistic achievement is totally original but inspired by those achievements that came before. Business is no differ…

Don’t Let Your Expertise Narrow Your Perspective

Having expertise in your field is a positive, but sometimes it leads to overconfidence. You might start to believe your usual methods are the best, or the only, way to get things done — which means you miss out on new ideas, fail to anticipate trends, …