What Does Free Really Cost?

An educational group unveiled a proposal to provide free preschool for every child in the United States. The cost of […]
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Price Is Not The Same As Value

There is a television commercial where two young men ask the question why are watches so expensive. They then go […]
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Misunderstanding Value

The show Wicked Tuna follows tuna fisherman off the coast of Massachusetts. These fishermen are trying to catch enough tuna to cover their costs and bring home money to live on. Each boat is its own business. In recent episodes there are more tuna than…

How Much Time Are You Wasting ‘Communicating’?

Clear communications is important to your success. The more transparent you are and the more your various audiences understand, the better off everyone is. There is a point of diminishing returns. How much time are you wasting in your quest to be trans…

Focus On Value

What customers really want from your organization is help solving their problem. They want to hear what other customers were able to achieve by using your solution. They want to understand the value and benefits your products/services pr…

Know If Something Is Really An Asset

Strictly speaking an asset is something that has value. That can be an item, a skill, or a talent. A liability is usually used to indicate a debt, but it can be anything that costs more than it is worth. While this sounds simple, people often label a l…

Rethink Your Assets

Wealth, as well as other kinds of success, generally rely on one factor. Your assets need to be greater than your liabilities. While these are usually associated with accounting, to use them to evaluate a project we need to look at them a little differ…